Sara Rawlinson is a contemporary fine art photographer specialising in both abstract expressionism and historical architecture. She’s lived in the US, Australia, Scotland, and presently resides in Cambridge, UK. 

Her photographs evoke the essence of a subject without capturing the details – showing the sentiment of the place or the thing, rather than specific memories. Absorbing the essence of a single natural phenomena, the images come to life with zesty camera work and oversized printing. Ultimately, the elements of the original shape and design of the subject are retained, whilst immortalising an imaginative and ephemeral nature. 

Her work has been described as: 

“Finally photography meets fine art!” 

“[Rawlinson’s book] must be the most handsome tribute ever paid to a single building. With its blend of words and diverse visual voices it is an Alleluia Chorus.”

“Here, indeed, is beauty. Sara has the rare skill of drawing out the intimate, the special, the unique spirit of a place.”

“Each of your exhibitions is so unique, I can’t wait to see what you do next!”

A woman was scooting along the bench looking at one of Rawlinson’s exhibitions. She was so engrossed that she literally slid right off the end of the bench (and very excitedly came to Rawlinson’s next exhibition). 

Bette and me 1986

in the early days

Photography has kept Sara’s soul on fire since she was six years old working in the field and in the darkroom with her Big Sister/Mentor, Bette Globus Goodman. Her dad’s old 1970s Nikkormat was a constant companion. Despite these artistic inclinations, her first career was in academic science – during which she visited every continent for field work. Yes, even Antarctica. However, too much energy was spent taking photos of her field sites and so when arthritis reared its ugly head preventing a sedentary job, the choice was clear.

me and Mt Erebus, Antarctica

some time later

If a career change from academic science to professional photographer wasn’t complex enough, it coincided with family life and relocation from Canberra Australia to Aberdeenshire Scotland to Cambridge England. Throughout, her photography focused on local delights: landscapes and science fieldwork sites, Scottish mountains and lochs, and most recently, historic Cambridge architecture. Recently, her lens is turned towards ephemeral abstract photography with intentional camera movement.

me on a cherry picker in King's College Cha, by Colin

at the moment

A normal day for Sara is balanced between photography and home education of her 9-yr old. Frequent travels involve adventurous locations, home ed, and her camera – the perfect trio. Some of her great loves are abstract expressionist art, ashtanga yoga, camping and bonfires, a good book, fresh food, a long walk, family, and cozy pajamas. Her favourite movie quote is from The Contender: “Principles only mean something if you stick by them when they’re inconvenient.”

Sara lives with her husband and daughter in the Cambridge Riverside area and is always on the lookout for new friends, photography collaborations, and interesting exhibition venues.

She volunteers for Cambridge Open Studios as IT/website, graphic design, and the Vice Chair.


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