Norfolk Tulip Fields

We meandered through the lanes of colourful blossoms. Up and down, down and up — for what seemed like hours. I couldn’t get enough of the colours! Every time I turned even just a bit, I could see the variations in colour and stripe configuration. The tulip series are printed on brushed aluminium to highlight the texture and ephemeral blossomy nature of the images.

• Cultivate: To refresh and revitalise, nourish and breathe. To live a fruitful and candid life.
• Nurture: To foster and cherish, invigorate and kindle. To live a mindful and sincere life.
• Bloom: To inspire and mature, elevate and prosper. To live a plentiful and buoyant life.
• Glow: To radiate and dazzle, embrace and encourage. To live a welcoming and passionate life.
• Flourish: To caper and blossom, glisten and prosper. To live a vivacious and vigorous life.
• Thrive: To relish and ripen, savour and triumph. To live a sumptuous and spirited life.

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