Trees are responsible for creating meaning from our horizons – linking earth and sky. Exploring these boundaries, Sara creates these treescape images as a means to examine the inherent teamwork between trees and the elements of the sky: clouds, light, breath. The series culminates in a handmade concertina book with 11 photographs and one poem. Six of the images received Honourable Mention in the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards.

a poem by Sara Rawlinson

Clouds blush, suspended:
Floating over forests
Persisting through the midst
Loafing in the trees.

Light animates, dangling:
Trailing behind treescapes
Creeping through crevices
Lazing like a wildflower.

Breath arouses, strolling:
Listing through the mist
Drifting over dawn
Lingering like a silhouette.

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